What is S&W? S&W is an exclusive Hertfordshire based travel consultancy, run by travel expert Julia Summers. She will take the time to understand exactly what you want and help you organise your perfect travel experience. 

Why would I use S&W? Due to the large amount of holiday options now available online, people are moving away from traditional travel agents and trying to book things via travel websites. However, due to the plethora of different options available, it is massively time consuming and you can often end up taking advice from anonymous trip advisor reviews, rather than experienced travel specialists. Working with S&W gives you that time back and provides access to our experience and worldwide network of travel specialists, often getting you that special discount/offer not available online. The research is done for you and every aspect of the holiday is tailored to your needs without compromise.

What will it cost me? The price you pay is exactly that shown on the hotel/ operator website.  There is no additional cost to you, the client- it is exactly the same as if you were to book directly.

What is the benefit of booking with S&W? With 20 years experience in luxury hospitality, the contacts made are excellent and very reliable. The insider knowledge and 'tricks of the trade' help to maximise your precious time away. The research, negotiations and concierge  service are taken care of on your behalf, simply leaving you to look at the glossy photos and decide where to go.

What is unique about S&W?  S&W are dedicated to working for you, with no commitment to beds, flights or any other travel component which traditional tour operators often do. We will search out exactly what you and your family are looking for. Julia has a young family and completely understands the pressures and issues of travelling with children. Wtih a background of working in luxury travel, providing excellence as standard, we are passionate about providing bespoke holidays. Holiday time is a limited commodity and therefore so precious, which is why we want to make every second count.

Why is it important for children to travel? Children are taught about the world in school and see amazing places on television, however there is nothing like experiencing another country and culture first hand. Timing trips to coincide with school subjects can really bring subjects to life and help bring a true understanding of other cultures. The awe and wonder experienced by children when they visit a new destination is a powerful tool in their development. Children who travel with their parents are also well equipped to be more independent when they grow up and want to travel themselves.