Specialist knowledge from experienced travel professionals.....

at no extra cost to you


Summers & Winters will work with you to create your own bespoke holiday. Whether it is a family holiday, a corporate ski trip, a special occasion or a romantic getaway, we are able to help. 

The first step is to discuss your exact requirements, preferences and budget, either face to face or on the telephone.  We will then undertake the research using all our contacts to create your perfect holiday, with the best possible price and itinerary. 

A shortlist of properties will be proposed and discussed and the brief revised as necessary.  Once the perfect property or destination has been chosen by you and booked, optional extras such as ski guides, nannies and transfers will be arranged.  With catered properties, all menu preferences will be discussed with the chef.  Every element of the trip will be booked, planned and confirmed before departure, and then followed-up on return.

Because we work for you and don't have any quotas or bed commitments to fill, you will find our independent advice and travel expertise refreshingly bespoke.

Contact us to discuss your requirements: