Worldwide, year-round holidays to suit all requirements and budgets


Summers & Winters offer tailor made itineraries for clients with a wide range of budgets and requirements.  Whether it is a corporate ski trip, a special occasion or a romantic getaway, there is always a selection of properties to choose from.  Once a brief has been agreed upon, all contacts will be utilised to ensure the best possible price and itinerary.


Sample Alpine properties


Chalet___5337183Bella_Coola_Exterior_Image_1 Chalet___254938Bella_Coola_015a Chalet___Boreale_jacuzzi Chalet___2241327Bella_Coola_042 Chalet___Chopine_Bed1 Chalet___Elephant_bed1 Chalet___FT_10 Chalet___dining1 Chalet___Himalaya Chalet___Hermine_bedroom Chalet___KERNOW136 Chalet___KERNOW247 Chalet___Montana_master Chalet___KERNOW254 Chalet___Shemshak_Bedroom Chalet___Montana_pool_pink

A shortlist of properties will be proposed and discussed and the brief revised as necessary.  Once the perfect property has been chosen, optional extras such as ski guides, nannies and travel will be arranged.  With catered properties, all menu preferences will be discussed with the chef.  Every element of the trip will be booked, planned and confirmed before departure, and then followed-up on return.


Sample Worldwide properties


Villa___terrace Villa___Arte_Pool Villa___La_Terrace_lounge Villa___Cote_Mer_Exterior Villa___Arte_Lounge Villa___Celine_Pool_1 Villa___Celine_Salon_1 Villa___Cote_Mer_bedroom_2 Villa___Celine_Terrace Villa___La_Terrace_bedroom Villa___Keywest_Bathroom_1 Villa___Keywest_lounge Villa___Zen_lounge_2 Villa___Foudoux_gardens_2